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Samantha Trying To Become Sonam Kapoor

Is Samantha hoping to become a fashion icon for Telugu girls? Is she trying to become the Sonam Kapoor of South India?

Known for her demure looks, she has transformed into a diva thanks to her stylist friend Neeraja Kona. Samantha has now transformed into a beautiful actress with right fashion attitude.

Generally, Bollywood actresses sizzle with latest fashion trends for the movie events. Sonam Kapoor in particular has developed an image of the most stylish actress in Bollywood as she always appears at events with the best designed dresses.

Similarly, Samantha is coming to the all the audio events, press meets, functions in designer wear. She has not repeated a single dress so far. Such is the care that she is taking.

Samantha is also not hesitating to show her cleavage at these appearances unlike her no-skin show rule on screen.



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