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Samantha Needs To Relook At Her Choices

Each release of Samantha's Tamil big movie is putting in her embarrassing situation. She makes lot of hungama and goes gaga over her Tamil movies but they end up either as flops or expose the fact that she hardly has any role in those movies.

All her recent Tamil movies turned out to be disappointments though films like "Theri" have performed well at box-office. But in all these movies including the latest "24", which has brought great praise to Suriya and director Vikram Kumar, her characters are poorly written and were boring.

All the leading Tamil and Telugu critics pointed out that  Samantha's track and her performance is silly. In Telugu, she had acted under Vikram Kumar's direction in "Manam" and she had done two brilliant roles in that movie. But when it comes to Tamil, she is having bad luck.

May be it is high time that she re-look at her choice of movies in Tamil, not be fooled by big names nor get tempted by big money if she doesn't want more embarrassment.



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