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Samantha More Anxious Than Chaitanya!

Samantha More Anxious Than Chaitanya!

Samantha is eagerly awaiting the result of Naga Chaitanya's "Yuddham Sharanam" that will release this weekend.

Samantha who is set to marry Naga Chaitanya on October 6 is already promoting the movie on her Twitter handle.

Earlier she wouldn't do much publicity for Chaitanya's movies, but this time she is taking extra interest.

There is a reason for her overt involvement. As they are entering wedlock few days after the release, she wants Chaitanya to be in a good mood.

If it becomes a hit, he will be in a joyful mood. Also there is talk that Chaitanya has invested some money in the film as he believed in the script of the new director who is also his childhood buddy.

There is a belief in the film industry that Naga Chaitanya cannot deliver a hit with an action movie as his previous mass movies bombed miserably. Chaitanya wants to prove his detractors wrong, and establish that he is not just a mere lover boy.

All in all, both Chaitanya and Samantha have pinned a lot of hopes on this film that is releasing this Friday.



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