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Sai Pallavi: I Feel Bad For Hurting Him

Sai Pallavi: I Feel Bad For Hurting Him

Naga Shaurya recently made some shocking comments against ‘Fidaa’ beauty Sai Pallavi that made headlines for quite some time.

He had said she was the most unprofessional actress that he had ever come across and accused her of treating her co-star badly. He further said that her starry tantrums were unbearable.

His statements were reported in media and Sai Pallavi kept silent for more than two months.

Ahead of her new release “Karu” in Tamil and “Kanam” in Telugu, Sai Pallavi opened up about this controversy.

Saying the accusations were baseless during her media interaction, she said she even called up her director Vijay to figure out if she had given cause for concern on the sets. She added that her director surely did not feel so.

However, Sai Pallavi refrained from using any harsh words against Naga Shaurya. Instead, she maintained he had the right to express his feelings.

“But I never hurt anyone. I feel bad if someone gets hurt by my behavior. If I did hurt him in some way, I feel really bad,” she said in the interview.

Now it remains to be seen if both of them will come together to promote their film Kanam together.



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