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Sai Dharam Teja's Desperate Attempts

Sai Dharam Teja is attempting every trick in the world to create buzz around "Jawaan", from doing programmes with police officers, to playing cricket in the office of a radio channel.

He is not saying no to any crazy idea that media outlets are proposing. All for the sake of promotion.

After the massive success of "Supreme", Sai Dharam Teja started throwing starry tantrums that kept many of his former journalist friends at bay. But destiny had other plans. Soon after he thought he arrived as a star, his movies started flopping. 

The nephew of megastar Chiranjeevi is back to prove his mettle again. Although "Jawaan" was plagued with many rumors, the recent theatrical trailer offset all the bad talk. The trailer has generated good interest.

Thanks to it, he increased promotions and started saying yes to any programme idea as he now needs a hit by hook or crook. 

Sai Dharam is also saying he is single and that he doesn't have any romantic links with any heroine to create a good boy image. Earlier, he was linked with actress Regina.



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