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'Saha Jeevanam' Dialog in Sher Targeted at Pawan?

Kalyan Ram Nandamuri's latest film Sher failed to grab the attention of film lovers right from the first show. In spite of scoring huge hit with his previous film, Kalyan Ram failed to generate interest on his new release.

Sher directed by Mallikarjun had a disastrous opening day at the box office and the collections on second day are even worse.

Although this film is not making much buzz at the ticket window, it has caught the attention of gossip circles with a controversial dialog.

In one scene a comedian says “Saha Jeevanam chesi kooda hand istunna ee trend lo, hand chusi love cheyadam enti?” to the heroine. Those who have seen the film are stressing on this dialog that it is surely directed at Pawan Kalyan!

Pawan Kalyan who was in live in relationship with Renu Desai for many years finally married her because of the pressure from media and political circles during PRP days. However he divorced her soon after that to marry a foreigner.

In fact Saha Jeevanam word became popular among Telugus because of Pawan Kalyan. Don’t know if the writer of Sher took a dig at the power star or just pointing out at the latest trend.



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