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Safest Bet For Small Budget Films

Telugu Cinema Lovers are currently enjoying horror comedies more than any other genres. Very few films based on this theme have failed at the box office.

It was Raghava Lawrence who has set this trend with his successful Muni franchise. Later director Maruthi has shown the power of this genre with Prema Katha Chitram that was a huge blockbuster.

Films like Geetanjali, Ganga and the recent Rajugari Gadhi have turned out to be big hits. These films can be made on a shoestring budget and doesn’t need great script to click with the audience.

It is easy to generate comedy with horror theme and masses are just lapping up any horror-comedy that is thrown at them.

Film industry didn’t take this genre seriously until Rajugari Gadhi has set the cash registers ringing. Now many young directors are coming up with horror comedies as it proves to be the safest bet for low budget movies.

Even top producers are willing to fund such films as they could make huge profits with very little investment. This trend would continue until audiences get bored and reject few horror comedies.



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