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Rumors about Personal Life Pained Me: Nani

Rumors about Personal Life Pained Me: Nani

Actor Nani, who is having best phase of his career, doesn’t seem to be entirely happy. The issue is not with his career.

The rising popularity and success has also brought him some headaches like rumours.

Nani is largely non-controversial star in Tollywood and until recently not much rumors were written about him.

"I am aware that being a star we have to face criticism and also have to handle gossiping. As long as they criticise or bitch about my movies or performances, my attitude, it is fine.

But the moment they write baseless news about personal life, it hurts deeply. I went through similar incident recently," Nani said.

He didn't elaborate much but the actor said a website wrote baseless personal gossip that hurt him badly. He requested media to maintain dignity while writing such news.

"Gossip is fine but not baseless rumors about personal lives," he asserts.

We assume that it is about linkup with actress Nivetha Thomas.



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