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Rs. 40 Crore... Not A Lie!

Lie movie featuring Nithin in the lead role has raised curiosity among film buffs with intriguing poster designs. Nithin's new look in particular has become the talk of the town.

Now here's another sensational update about Lie. Believe it or not the budget of the movie is Rs. 40 crore! 14 Reels Entertainment is spending a bomb to deliver a quality product.

More than eighty percent of the filming has been planned in foreign countries. It is an action thriller with mind blowing chase sequences and thrills.

Director Hanu who impressed with KVPG is presenting Nithin in a never seen before avatar.

Although Nithin's previous film A Aa collected over Rs. 47 crore share at the box office, spending Rs. 40 crore on a Nithin starrer is highly risky.

Trivikram's brand played big role in A Aa's success. Can Hanu pull it off?



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