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Rs 2 Lakh Robbery At Chiru's House?

Rs 2 Lakh Robbery At Chiru's House?

A complaint has been lodged against one of the workers in megastar Chiranjeevi's house named Chinnayya. The culprit is said to have robbed Rs 2 lakh. 

While no one doubts the robbery per se, there are doubts about the money involved. Also instead of dealing with Chinnayya in their style, reporting him in the police station surprised all.

Rupees 2 lakh is a big amount, but for someone like Chiranjeevi, it is peanuts, so why then did they complaint against Chinnayya is the big question.

In the past, when NTR Sr was in power, money stored in film cans kept vanishing. At the time, a person was arrested. However, later, nothing came out about the matter.

This time too, the servant could have been beat up or sent away, but Chiru family chose to put him in jail. One version is to do what they want to do with him, a police complaint is necessary and a complaint has been lodged to this end.

There have been instances where film people are taken and ransom is demanded, there are also stories of forcing them to write their properties on their name.

So, there is gossip is that a bigger amount and a bigger story is involved in this matter too.



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