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Robo 2 Will Go To Sets In Jan 2016

Robo 2 Will Go To Sets In Jan 2016

With the records that Baahubali has broken, one of south  India's leading directors has decided to boldly go ahead with his plans of making Robo 2 with Rajinikanth.

The film is being planned to reach out to a global audience and it is being said that the crew and cast of the film will be flown from various countries to match up to Hollywood standards.

The film will be made with a whopping Rs 275 crores and will be a sequel to the highly successful Robo. 

Superstar Rajinikanth is currently working for Kabali, being directed by Ranjith has he has given call sheets to Shankar's Robo 2 from January, 2016. Rajinikanth will be wrapping up Kabali by the end of December.

Though initially, there was talk that Vikram would be playing the villain, Vikram has turned down the offer and Shanker is said to be planning on bringing in a Hollywood star to play the bad man in the film.

Though Shanker approached Aamir to play the baddie, Aamir too politely turned down the offer. Though Vikram was almost confirmed, he decided not to go bad as he plays hero these days.

For now, Shanker is busy putting together cast and crew. However, one thing is for sure. Bollywood's top glam girl Katrina Kaif will be playing the female lead in Robo 2.



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