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RGV Tweets on Pawan Kalyan and Deletes!

Ram Gopal Varma who has been promoting his porn film “God, Sex and Truth” also took time off to write on Pawan Kalyan and his recent debacle “Agnyaathavaasi”.

Last night RGV tweeted that one should not blame Trivikram for the movie’s flop because no director in the world would do justice to Pawan Kalyan’s charisma and image.

Even the biggest directors in the world like Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Christopher Nolan would fail when they work with Pawan Kalyan, he tweeted.

All these tweets were not in praise of Pawan Kalyan’s image but it was his satirical tone. After hitting PK with his satires, the maverick director deleted the tweets. This is strange. Generally, Ram Gopal Varma doesn’t delete his tweets.

His timeline is clean with the tweets pertaining to his porn movie and doesn’t have any tweets related to “Agnyaathavaasi”.



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