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RGV Ridicules Sindhu's Medal Win!

Maverick film director Ram Gopal Varma does not let go any single opportunity to get into news, even if it is for wrong reasons, with his bold and sensational comments in the social media.

RGV, who is known to take pot shots at mega family, this time targeted ace badminton star P V Sindhu, who won the silver medal at just-concluded Rio Olympics and wondered why Indians are going ga ga over her achievement.

He tweeted on Monday; “If for one silver, we are jumping up and donw, screaming Mera Bharat Maha, how high should be Americans jumping for 46 gold and 37 silver?”

He further tweeted: “If for just 1 silver we call ourselves incredible india I wonder what we will call ourselves if we ever win 46 gold 37 silver and 49 bronze? Combined value of 46 gold 38 silver 49 bronze compared to just one silver is that many times more Unka US Mahan compared to Apna Bharat Mahan.”

He observed that US with 32-crore population wins 46 gold and South Korea with five-crore population wins 9 gold, but India with 120 crore population wins just one silver. “Wah!” he exclaimed.

Is there anyone who agrees with RGV?



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