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RGV Not to be Taken Seriously: Ravi Teja

RGV Not to be Taken Seriously: Ravi Teja

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is frank and open-minded in answering all queries related to his profession and personal life.

The 50-year-old actor also implied that Ram Gopal Varma's tweets should not be taken seriously.

Ravi Teja's quite honest answers surprised the media persons. He was talking to media promoting his latest release 'Nela Ticket'.

He agrees that his previous movie 'Touch Chesi Chudu' sank without trace, but he is quite sure that previous flops don't affect the prospects of his upcoming movies. He is quite confident of his current release 'Nela Ticket'.

However, it is his answer about RGV-Pawan Kalyan's controversy that has become discussion point. Pawan Kalyan attended the event of 'Nela Ticket' recently and he was caught playing with threads of Ravi Teja's torn jeans.

Posting this video on his Twitter handle, RGV said he wasn’t aware of 'the other side' of Pawan Kalyan.

When media persons brought up this topic, Ravi Teja said he doesn't care what people think and what is written as Pawan Kalyan was doing it while they were cracking jokes. It was just camaraderie between two friends, he stressed.

If people write nonsense, I don't respond, Ravi Teja said sternly implying he doesn't take RGV much seriously.



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