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RGV Is A Barking Dog, Not Equal to PK's Footwear

Top producer and Pawan’s close aide Bandla Ganesh blasted at Ram Gopal Varma for his endless tweets against Pawan Kalyan since Katamarayudu release.

“Mr. Ramu control your tongue before u comment on Pawan Kalyan. You are not even an equal to Pavan's footwear. Just mind your language.

You are not anymore than a barking dog in the street. You are a black sheep in the country we feel ashamed to call you an Indian.

We won't spare you if you enter our area, you are like a tablet which got expired,” Bandla posted a barrage of tweets in reply to RGV’s derogatory tweets against Pawan Kalyan.

Ram Gopal Varma is not a person who keeps quiet at such remarks. He is yet to respond to Bandla Ganesh’s comments against him.

We can expect RGV coming back at him with full force in a few hours. But RGV has certainly crossed the line in bringing Pawan Kalyan’s wives and daughters into the picture while talking about Katamarayudu.



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