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RGV Deletes Late Night Tweets About Akhil!

RGV Deletes Late Night Tweets About Akhil!

Ram Gopal Varma is famous or unpopular for his late night tweets. His detractors call them as Vodka tweets, but RGV says he speaks his mind without fear irrespective of the fact that whether he consumed Vodka or not. 

Last night, Ram Gopal Varma created a furor by tweeting to Akhil Akkineni with liberal dose of F word in his sentences. He admonished why he is getting married when his career is yet to take off. 

“@AkhilAkineni8 Evn b4 a career off can't understand why fuck u wanna land in marriage fuck but since am fuck i hope for her u not fucked up,” he tweeted with use of “F” word before almost every word in the sentence.

He also hoped that Akhil won’t spoil the girl’s life. His tweets made lot of uproar and by this morning he deleted it. 

Yesterday, Ram Gopal Varma announced an international film called “Nuclear” with Rs 340 Cr budget and it surprised one and all. At a time producers are not even able to recover Rs 10 cr investment made on his movies, he pulled up a big movie with such massive budget. 

Seeing his announcement on twitter, Nagarjuna tweeted congratulating RGV and wished him all the best. “Ramu make us proud,” Nag tweeted so positively and RGV also showed his gratitude towards Nagarjuna for introducing him as director in “Shiva” 26 years back.

“Hey Nag,I owe 10 lifetimes to u for gvng break in Shiva to a amateur like me. That proves ur vision of me more than whether I have vision,” RGV tweeted.

But by late night, Nag’s tweet stopped being visible strangely. And RGV tweeted about Akhil’s early marriage. Don’t know what happened in the night but Nag’s tweet praising RGV resurfaced, and RGV’s tweet about Akhil got deleted.



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