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RGG2 Too Remake of Mallu Movie?

The trailer of "Raju Gari Gadhi 2" was released on the eve of ANR's birth anniversary. The slick trailer has received mixed reactions.

Some were all praise for its neat content and the nice twist in the end, others were prompt to point out that it has a close resemblance to a recent Malayalam film "Pretham".

After the Korean onslaught, looks like the Telugu film-makers are now 'inspired' by Malayalam films. While the makers of the film are claiming that it is a sequel to their earlier hit "Raju Gari Gadhi", the team hasn't officially announced that it is based on a Malayalam thriller directed by Jayasurya.

Only recently, it was said that Maruthi's "Mahanubhavudu" has many similarities with Fahad Faasil's starrer "North 24 Kaatham". But Maruthi has denied taking any inspiration.

For now it is not clear if Telugu film-makers are simply taking inspiration or buying rights of Malayalam movies silently. Interestingly, stories of these Malayalam movies are in turn copied from Korean and Japanese movies.

Well, looks like it is a vicious cycle.



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