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RGG 2 Trailer: Grand Visuals, Bland Content

Rajugari Gadhi was one of the biggest hits in the horror/comedy genre.

Director Ohmkar’s idea of horror clicked with the masses and the sequel got bigger with names like Nagarjuna and Samantha featuring in the star cast. Top technicians like Thaman have been roped in by PVP Cinema.

Rajugari Gadhi 2 is all set to hit the screens on October 13 and the trailer of the film is out now.

Although the visuals are grand and background score is top class, the content in the trailer is very bland. There’s nothing special in the trailer that is worth a second look.

The setup is similar to that of Rajugari Gadhi, where a couple of comedians enter a haunted house. They will seek the help of a mentalist Nagarjuna who finds that the house is haunted by a female ghost, Samantha.

The film is about how Nagarjuna deals with the ghost and save the comedians.

The plot looks too clichéd without any surprises and even Nagarjuna couldn’t bring much variety to the table.

However, films like these usually don’t have much variety to offer but rely upon on elements like horror and comedy to make an impression.

Let’s wait for the film to see if Rajugari Gadhi checks all the necessary boxes for a successful horror comedy flick or not.



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