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Releasing Today: Same Heroes Clashing Again!

Releasing Today: Same Heroes Clashing Again!

Raviteja's last film Touch Chesi Chudu was a forgettable dud. Raviteja’s film is ready for release again within three months.

Nela Ticket film sounds and seems like typical Raviteja film. Director Kalyan Krishna who scored two hits in a row is hoping to complete hat-trick with Nela Ticket.

Despite the efforts from its makers the film failed to make buzz prior to its release. Trailers weren’t promising enough with run of the mill stuff.

However, Kalyan Krishna is confident that the film will be liked by the masses and families as it is loaded with commercial elements and brand Raviteja mark entertainment.

The film is sold at reasonable prices too. Decent talk should help it reach the safe zone as there isn’t much competition in the market now.

Interestingly, Raviteja’s film is clashing with Naga Shourya’s film again. Last time when Touch Chesi Chudu and Chalo clashed at box office, Naga Shourya came out as winner. Now his Ammammagari Illu is also releasing today along with Nela Ticket.

However, Naga Shourya’s film is little known to film buffs because of poor publicity. So it is unlikely for Ammammagari Illu to create problems for Nela Ticket unless it comes out as a miraculous winner.



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