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Releasing Today: Puri Jagannadh's Loafer

Puri Jagannadh's latest film Loafer is releasing today amid mixed expectations. Loafer features Varun Tej who has made an impression with his choice of scripts in his brief career so far.

Loafer was supposed to be made with Nithin in the lead role, but he walked out of it due to unexplained reasons. Nithin was so excited about the story but he opted out of it and Jagan signed up Varun Tej after Nithin's exit.

Interestingly Varun Tej was the first choice for Puri Jagan’s Heart Attack. That should have been Varun’s debut film but he chose Mukunda and Nithin did Heart Attack. Now Nithin walked out of Loafer and Varun took his place.

Though the film title sounds massy in typical Puri Jagannadh’s style, Loafer is based upon family emotions. It is the story of a good mother and a badly brought up son.

Loafer’s storyline is interesting but it is Puri’s current form that's raising doubts over the movie. Puri’s last film Jyothi Lakshmi too had a sensible story but he messed it up with horrendous screenplay and over the top drama. Loudness has become synonymous for Puri’s movies of late.

Can he bounce back to form and surprise us with Loafer? Promos don’t look promising but we can’t write off a Puri’s film by its trailer. He came back with Idiot, Pokiri, Businessman and Temper when the chips were down. Hope he turn the tables around yet again.



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