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Releasing Today: Mrugaraju Nightmares For Mega Fans!

Releasing Today: Mrugaraju Nightmares For Mega Fans!

No one except diehard fans of Balakrishna took Jai Simha seriously until Agnyaathavaasi bombed at the box office.

With Agnyathavasi failing miserably, focus is now shifted to Balakrishna’s mass masala Jai Simha directed by KS Ravi Kumar.

Nothing about the film has excited cinephiles, but we can never underestimate the mass power of Balakrishna.

When Mrugaraju and Narasimhanaidu clashed at the box office, not many believed Balakrishna’s film to conquer the throne and Chiranjeevi’s film to bite the dust.

Agnyaathavaasi stole all the limelight away from other Sankranthi films until its result was out. Can Balakrishna pull off a blockbuster like Narasimhanaidu with Jai Simha?

The film needs to collect somewhere around Rs. 30 crore to be termed as a hit. A very easy target compared to recent biggies.

Along with Jai Simha, Suriya’s Gang also is releasing today. Suriya has been struggling to live up to expectations lately. This film is crucial for him as his graph has been going downwards from a long time.

Both the films are releasing in decent number of theaters and luckily Agnyaathavaasi is no longer a threat to them.

Let us see who among these two heroes offers the right kind of entertainment for this festive season.



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