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Releasing Today: Horror Comedy With A Twist

Horror comedy genre has been beaten to death in Tollywood. There was a time when every horror comedy used to make lots of money at the box office.

But even genre lovers got bored with too many films coming out. Many of the films made in this genre didn’t click lately.

Despite the fact that horror comedies ran out of steam another film that belongs to the genre is releasing today.

Anando Brahma director Mahi V Raghav claims it is a different horror comedy that will give a new experience to the genre lovers. Even the promos of the film boasted a lot about this element.

Taapsee is the main attraction of the film that has four comedians in the lead roles. Produced by Vijay Chilla and Shashi Devireddy, Anando Brahma is getting a sizeable release in and out of Telugu states.

The film is releasing in 85+ locations in USA alone. Films like these start off slowly but clicks big if the word of mouth is positive.

Can Anando Brahma spring in a surprise and hit bull’s eye at the box office?



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