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Releasing Today: Can Akhil Stike Big in Re-Launch?

The much awaited day for Akkineni family and fans is here. Akhil’s second film Hello is releasing today amid high hopes of Nagarjuna and thousands of Akkineni fans. Akhil took more than two years to come back on screen after the debacle of his first film.

Nagarjuna waited for the right project to re-launch his son and he signed up the best technicians for it.

Manam director Vikram Kumar has been assigned the job of giving the break to Akhil. The director is known for coming up with out of the box ideas and novel themes. So Hello must sure be a different film amid the routine masala fare.

The film needs to fare well because of the high production cost involved. Vikram Kumar’s films generally appeal to the A centers and young audience.

Can Hello impress the masses to be an all round entertainer? Everything about the film has been showing a lot of promise but can the movie hold on to it? Can Akhil strike big in his second attempt?



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