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Releasing Today: Arjun Reddy vs. Ajith Kumar

It is advantage Arjun Reddy as there isn’t any other notable straight film to hit the theaters this weekend.

Arjun Reddy will take on two Tamil dubbed films over the Ganesh Chaturthi weekend. There is a lot of buzz around Arjun Reddy for its promos have struck a chord with the youngsters and college goers.

Arjun Reddy is releasing today starting from second shows. There is mad rush for tickets as the expectations on the film are very high.

Ajith Kumar’s Vivegam is dubbed into Telugu as Vivekam and is having a simultaneous release over here. Ajith’s six pack avatar and action packed trailers have caught the attention of cinephiles.

Ajith couldn’t achieve guarantee market in Telugu states despite scoring a huge blockbuster with Prema Lekha. All of his attempts to get a strong foot hold in Telugu market didn’t yield desired results.

Can Vivekam be the film that Ajith has been looking for? Vivekam and Friday release VIP 2 should deal with Arjun Reddy that is looking red hot in the trade at the moment.



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