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Reel Talk: Bala Krishna Is Infectious!

Reel Talk: Bala Krishna Is Infectious!

For a massive project involving laborious financials and sincere team work, leading the whole team will be a big task.

Director Krish is depositing all the credits received for Bala Krishna’s first look as Gautamiputra Satakarni director into his hero’s account.

In fact, the royal look of Balayya released yesterday as greatest Satavahana ruler sent Telugu audience into a tizzy.

Nandamuri Fans are overjoyed with first look response and kept fingers crossed waiting for teaser to be unveiled tomorrow.

Nevertheless, Director Krish’s extensive research in designing the look should also be acknowledged because there are no records historically to hint about Satakarni appearance.

"Gautamiputra Satakarni is greatest emperors in Indian history ruled in 2nd Century BC. We collected information about fabrics and jewelry used during those times by research for months.

The accessories and throne as you see in first look match with social and economical conditions prevailed in Satavahana era.

However, our hero Balakrishna is true inspirational strength behind whole process because he made himself physically fit.

He used to get up at early morning at 3:30 am, worked for 2 hours ensuring his presence on sets by 6 am sharply. Such dedication from a star hero is always infectious and entire team unified together to deliver the best output," said Krish.



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