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Reel Buzz: Young Hero Says Sorry

Mumbai: Both father and son actors Rishi and Ranbir Kapoor have major renovations going on at their respective homes.

Kapoor senior is turning his Pali Hill bungalow, Krishna Raj, into a multi-storey building, while Ranbir has invested in a 2,500 square foot flat in nearby Vaastu building (apparently for a cool Rs 25 crore).

Both father and son have had a run-in with the Pali Hill Residents Association, for the inconveniences caused to others while the overhaul goes on.

While it has been reported that Rishi had agreed to adhere to the rules, Ranbir's version was still not known.

Ranbir's neighbours had complained to the local police about renovations and drilling noises going on till late night.

Now we hear that Ranbir has apologised too, he has sent a letter to the said association saying he didn't know the workers were labouring till late, and assured them he would ensure they stopped all work by 7.30 pm.

Just a small consideration that all of us folks usually follow as a norm, but sometimes stars need to be reminded they are ordinary citizens too.



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