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Reel Buzz: That is Nagarjuna!

Reel Buzz: That is Nagarjuna!

Nagarjuna is one of the very few actors who gives more than hundred percent for the promotions of a film. He makes sure to promote each and every film he is associated with.

Nag doesn't even wait for the producer or director to flag off the promotions. He will try to do as much as he can to grab maximum attention.

He promotes a movie even if he is aware of the fact that it won't work. He does his job before leaving its fate to the audience.

While makers of Rajugari Gadhi 2 are still waiting to start the promotional campaign of the film, Nag voluntarily started promotions to keep his movie in news.

Nag wants this film to click as he tried horror genre for the first time. He believes that it could become another Chandramukhi kind of success with the acceptance of family audience. So he is doing his best to grab their attention with this horror comedy. 

Despite being busy with the wedding plans of Chay-Sam, the veteran actor made sure that his film isn't left behind in promotions.

On the other hand, his innovative marketing strategies for Akhil's Hello have set high expectations on the film.



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