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Reel Buzz: Teja's 'Suitcase' Offers

Teja finally managed a hit with Nene Raju Nene Mantri after years. In fact, ever since NRNM has been declared a hit, he is in a rather jovial mood and confesses that the film has proven that he can still deliver a hit.

Meanwhile, he is flooded with offers from producers who want him to direct their films. Talk is that many producers have been approaching him with 'suitcases' to sign him.

Teja has also confirmed that he did get 3 'suitcases' and that the producers were willing to pay the price quoted by him.

Though he is not ready with a story as yet, he is under pressure to commit. But Teja maintains that he has not given commitment to any producer.

Currently he is enjoying the success of Nene Raju Nene Mantri and he has already announced that he will take advance only after he is ready with a story.

He has also announced that he will be staying off new actors and love stories for a while. Thanks to NRNM, Teja wants to now work with a star hero.

While this makes sense, Teja will have to look out for a seasoned producer like Suresh Babu for his next venture.

The success of NRNM is largely attributed to the active role that producer-distributor Suresh Babu played right from story sittings to shooting. Also, he planned the proper release.

So, unless Teja gets another producer like Suresh Babu, it is tough for him to sustain the success of NRNM.



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