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Reel Buzz: Small There, Big Here!

Compared to Tamil and Telugu, the Malayalam film industry is rather small. Although they do make some great films, the size of the market being small, the budgets of even big films there are on par with a small budget Tollywood film.

Even their superstars Mamooty and Mohan Lal charge accordingly. But the strange thing is that when these stars are approached by Tamil or Telugu filmmakers, they jack up their remunerations accordingly.

They charge according to the budgets of the Tamil and Telugu industries. Sometime back, a Tollywood filmmaker approached Mamooty with a script who liked it. He agreed to do the film but backed out after finding out the budget of the film saying that the budget wouldn’t even cover his remuneration.

Now, the budget was on par with the Malayalam movies that he does, but not in the league of what he gets for Tamil or Telugu films.

The disappointed filmmaker returned home. But who can blame Mamooty or Mohan Lal for demanding as per the industry’s potential? Why would they need to compromise when they have filmmakers willing to pay them the required remuneration?



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