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Reel Buzz: Sharwanand As 'Nayakudu'

Different artistes and technicians choose different ways to entertain audiences. Some stick to a particular genre, while some experiment with various genres. But looks like director Sudheer Varma's liking for action thrillers is here to stay.

He made his first film Swamy Ra Ra, which was a hit. He followed it up with Dochey and Kesava. While Dochey was a huge disaster, Kesava did decent business at the box-office.

Latest talk from Tollywood is that he is on the brink of announcing his next film. The film will be produced by Sitara Entertainments that is a sister concern of Harika-Hassine movies.

The film will be on the lines of Kamal Haasan's Nayakudu, say insiders. Apparently, the film will show the rise of a comman man becoming a mafia don. Also, Sharwanand will be seen in his 40s in the film.

In the past, in Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju, he played a man in his 30s. So it remains to be seen how the role will suit him.



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