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Reel Buzz: Puri's Life Ambition

Puri Jagannadh has been in news for all wrong reasons since the drug racket was busted and the director who is known to make films at a fast pace is visibly irritated.

So, he has news for the media, which he blames has made him a scapegoat. He says it is his life-time ambition to make Janaganamana.

The film will highlight various facets of life candidly and Puri intends to showcase the double standards of people in the film with the tagline 'I love India, but I hate Indians'.

He says his name being mentioned in the drugs scandal will not change his plans to make the film and reiterates that making Janaganamana remains his life-time ambition.

In the past, Puri had narrated the story to Mahesh, who refused to act in the film. Then, Puri narrated the same story to Venkatesh who did not show any interest either.

So one has to wait and watch as to when and how Puri's ambition will be fulfilled.



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