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Reel Buzz: Dil Raju Wants Credit

Well, till about recently, Dil Raju was never in need of credit. Given his Midas touch, he has always balanced his accounts.

Even if a film did not do well, another film balanced it out. But now, the situation is different. He is in need of at least 3 financiers. And to top it, he is not looking for small amounts like Rs 30 or 40 crores. This time, he needs Rs 200 crores.

It is known that he has recently announced Indian 2 with Shankar. The film will be a sequel to Kamal Haasan-Shankar's release in the past. And Shankar is known to work on big-scale projects. So Dil Raju is now committed to a Rs 200 crore project.

But that is the initial figure, still at the idea stage. From the idea stage to final scripting and making, the film will surely cost more. So for now, the figure stands at Rs 200 crore.

If Dil Raju asks, there will be no dearth of financiers for him, thanks to the image he has in the industry. But Dil Raju is not used to big budget films. His biggest film till date in terms of money was DJ.

So it remains to be seen how Dil Raju will handle the production this time around.



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