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Reel Buzz: Dil Raju Style Politics

Reel Buzz: Dil Raju Style Politics

The team of "Jawaan" is in a strange predicament. The film's shoot is almost complete, but there is no clarity about the timing of the film's release.

The film is being presented by Dil Raju, but talk is that he has been stalling the release date. Though the film was supposed to have released on September 1, now there is no news about its release date.

Barring a song, the film's shooting is almost complete. But talk is that Dil Raju has been insisting on several changes.

According to rumour mills, Dil Raju has been pushing back the film's release as he does not want the film to clash with Dassera films. If the film is complete, then there will be pressure on him to release it.

Incidentally, Dil Raju is releasing all the big three during Dassera in Nizam. So, he has been using his mark of strategy to push "Jawaan" back.

If "Jawaan" releases now, then theatres will have to be adjusted. So Dil Raju hasn't been giving go ahead for Jawaan's team say industry insiders.

Now the team is worried that releasing the film during wrong time will affect the film at the box-office. But since the ball is in Dil Raju's court, there is little that the team can do.



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