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Reddy Is 'Thums Up' Brand Ambassador!

Soft drink brands generally choose those celebrities who have a good mass following among the public. Even the actors and their fans consider it a privilege when their heroes endorse a popular soft drink. 

Mega Star Chiranjeevi was the brand ambassador for Thums Up in Andhra Pradesh and later on Mahesh Babu followed in his footsteps.

In fact, Mahesh’s Thums Up ad was dubbed in Hindi and shown during prime time as well much to the delight of his fans.

In Tamil Nadu, hero Vishal Reddy will now endorse this drink. Fans of Vishal are pleased at this honor to their hero.

The ad has already been shot and it will go on air sometime during this summer. Judging by this deal, one can say that Vishal is quite high on the popularity list of actors in Tamil Nadu.



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