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Reddy Heads Towards Victory

In a situation simulating real-life politics, the elections for artistes's association of Tamil Nadu has been having some strong competition and the elections have become pretty interesting.

In fact, the election is having all elements of a regular election and talk is that Vishal Reddy has a good base and high chances of winning.

He is contesting opposite Sarath Kumar and talk is that in a pre-poll survey held by a film institute, it has come out that 64% votes are likely to be polled for Vishal while Sarath Kumar is likely to get 36% votes.

Meanwhile, Sarath Kumar is being pretty volatile and he has been lashing out at fellow actors and he hasn't spared even Kamal Haasan.

So, talk in Tamil industry is that this behaviour could impact Sarath Kumar's reputation. But he surely seems to be frustrated as is likely to lose.

But Vishal is surely doing great and he seems to be a successful actor, producer and an aspiring politician in days to come.



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