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Reddy Community Angry With Tollywood Again!

Reddy Community Angry With Tollywood Again!

The recently released film A..Aa ran into a controversy with the director Trivikram Srinivas giving Reddy tag to the name of a comedy character.

The character happens to be a thief and giving him the Reddy caste tag has triggered unrest from this community and there was an attack on Trivikram from all sides including in social media.

He even faced threat from the Reddy netizens in the social networking who warned of storming the theatres. Finally, the A.Aa team succumbed to pressures and removed the caste indicator in the film.

Now, the Reddy community is angry with the Tollywood again, for denigrating their caste in the latest film Chuttalabbayi starring Adi.

In this movie, the character of Prithvi has been given the name “Ego Reddy.” The trailer of this film has kicked up the controversy and the Reddy community is strongly protesting for using the Reddy tag for comedians.

Video: Watch Chuttalabayi Movie Trailer

Already, there have been a large number of protests on the Facebook and the netizens are warning director Veerabhadram Chowdary against insulting their community.

They are demanding that the Reddy tag be removed before the release of the film itself. Otherwise, they have threatened to lay siege to the theatres.

Response from the Chuttalabbayi film makers is awaited.



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