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Real Reason Why Akhil Film Stopped Now

Real Reason Why Akhil Film Stopped Now

Problems for Akhil's second film are not ending yet. Although the film began its regular last month, its shoot has been stalled recently. Some reports say the movie is stalled because heroine has not been finalized yet.

But real reason is director Vikram Kumar is not in Hyderabad. He is on a vacation. He went for Europe Holidays with his wife early this month.

Vikram Kumar got married in last September and he booked holiday trip back then for summer holidays.

As Nagarjuna put pressure on Vikram Kumar to launch the movie immediately, he began the regular shoot in April.

Taking permission from Nag, the director and his wife went for their Honeymoon trip to Europe. Nagarjuna understood that he can't cancel his trip now as the director is newly married.

Vikram Kumar will be landing later this month and the regular shoot of Akhil's film will be resumed again in June. This is the main reason.

On the other hand, Nagarjuna said no title for the movie has been fixed yet. "Junnu" and "Ekkada Ekkada Undo Taraka" were the titles they are considering for it. 



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