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'Ready For Another Baahubali, But...'

No actor would want to get tied up for four years for one film. But Prabhas took the risk and it paid off big time.

He says he can do it again if the script is spectacular, but he adds that he would do so with some conditions applied.

"Fours is a very long time. It is also precious for an actor. Spending 4 years for Baahubali taught me a lot. Four years is way too long for another project, but if the script excites me, I can once again block dates, but only for two years," says Prabhas.

He confesses that he got a haircut done once Baahubali's shoot was wrapped up.

Right now, he is busy with the makeover for Saaho, the shooting for which will happen in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai and Europe.



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