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Ravi Teja Has Not Changed a Bit

Ravi Teja Has Not Changed a Bit

For some time now or about 14 months, Ravi Teja has been forced to sit home idle due to his firm stance on remuneration. During this time, no producer has announced a film with him as it is being felt that he has become too pricey. 

After he delivered a series of flops, producers did not show much interest in signing him for Rs 10 crore.

Only after he came a step down did producer Dil Raju produce Raja The Great with him. But the film despite decent buzz failed to break even.

However, Ravi Teja seems to be under the wrong perception that his comeback movie brought profits to all parties. Which is why he has suddenly started quoting a higher figure say the industry people.

He is demanding Rs 10 Cr plus for new films. Industry is abuzz with news that producer Ram Talari has agreed to pay him Rs 10 Cr + tax and  that it will be directed by Kalyan Krishna.

However, given his current market, truth is that no one will make a profit on a Ravi Teja's movie if they pay him such high remuneration.

As for Ravi Teja, he seems to have changed little despite his low phase. As this star is inching towards the age of 50, he seems to be wanting to squeeze the maximum in the next couple of years.

After 50, he will naturally find it tough to play hero roles.



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