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Rangasthalam: A Safe Project?

Recent big releases are all crossing the Rs 100 crore mark in terms of budget. In fact, it has become an average of sorts.

Mahesh's Spyder was made at Rs 120 crore. Pawan's Agnatavasi is being made with Rs 150 crore. But due to inflating production costs, Mythri Movies is taking care to make a film on a safe budget.

Sukumar-Ram Charan's film will be a safe bet for both the makers and of course the buyers.

The film will be made with Rs 60 crores in all and another Rs 5 crore will be spent on pre-release work and publicity. So in all, the film's cost will add up to Rs 65 crore.

In return, the film will make Rs 30 crore in satellite, digital and other language rights. This means the film will have to make a mere Rs 35 crore in theatres. This, the makers hope will be made in Ceded-Andhra territories.

To add to this, there is overseas market alongside Karnataka and Nizam, which will surely add to the revenues.

In fact, this seems to be a good trend in the industry as it will be best for the makers and for the buyers. But the producers realize this only after a few setbacks.



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