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Ranga's Revenge On AD?

When Attarintiki Daredi was released on September 27 instead of October 10 because of the piracy issue, a lot of movies which were scheduled for release on September 27 had to make way for the movie.

Later, many of them failed to get a theatrical release and resulted in huge losses to their makers. Sundeep Kishen starrer ‘DK Bose’ is indirectly a victim of AD.

The movie was postponed and to date, it has not had a theatrical release. It was produced by Anand Ranga, who directed the musical hit ‘Oy’.

Anand Ranga has now produced another small film rather disconcertingly titled ‘Erupu’. The trailer of the movie indicates that the movie is based on the backdrop of the AD piracy issue.

Is this Anand Ranga’s way of getting back at the makers of AD? For, had it not been for AD, many films would have seen the light of day including DK Bose. Only Anand Ranga can answer this question.



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