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Ramya Krishna Is Still So Hot!

Right from the day one, Ramya Krishna had not shown any inhibitions to present herself in a glamorous way on the silver screen.

She did not object to swim suits, bikinis and glam doll rolls when she was doing small roles to that of heroine. At the same time, she proved her talent as an actress whenever she got such performance-oriented roles in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films.

Even after she got married and crossed the age-limit for heroine roles, Ramya Krishna did not fade out. She did item songs and also played the roles of glamorous mother-in-law sporting tight outfits and dancing with young heroes. Latest news is that Ramya Krishna appeared in a very hot role in a Malayalam film.

The reason for giving this adjective to Ramya Krishna is that she played the role of a middle-aged aunty having an affair with a young man in unforeseen circumstances. There are some intimate scenes in the film, in which she appears very sensuous.

So, it is interesting to watch Ramya Krishna doing the roles of mother in some films and that of a woman with illicit relations, though the story demanded her to do such roles.

Apparently, Ramya Krishna had done a similar role in a Kannada film almost 12 years ago, wherein she romanced with a man much younger to her. Now, she is doing the same-kind of role, equally titillating the audiences!



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