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Ram Charan Insists On Having Extra Duet

Ram Charan's Dhruva filming is all but complete for a couple of songs. As per planned schedule there is only one song left to be shot, but they have added an extra duet as Ram Charan insisted on having it.

Dhruva, a remake of Tamil hit Thani Oruvan, is a non-formulaic action thriller sans so called commercial elements.

Although director Surender Reddy and his team tried to tweak the original script so that it suits the image of Ram Charan, they decided to stick with the original to keep the soul intact. Ram Charan also agreed upon the same and didn’t let his mass hero image come in between.

When there was a discussion about the number of songs in the film, the team collectively decided to go with three songs like in the original.

However, Ram Charan has changed his mind and demanded for an extra duet as people would expect songs and dances in his films. Makers couldn’t say no to his demands and agreed upon adding the song.

It is not an easy job for Surender to create a situation for an extra song in this taut script. He and his team are working on it and this song will be filmed in foreign locations.

Dhruva is gearing up for December release. Additional song shouldn’t affect the release plans as there is ample time to complete it.



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