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Ram Charan Continues To Dilly Dally

Ram Charan is the first person to believe that Thani Oruvan would work in Telugu. He asked the producers to buy the remake rights and he has assigned Surender Reddy on working on it.

He went too far by the time people started to express doubts over the movie clicking in Telugu. So much was invested on it already and Charan is forced to finish it before moving on to the next one.

Ram Charan contemplated the idea of changing the screenplay but Chiranjeevi was against it said the buzz.

When Surender and his team of writers decided to stick with the original, Nannaku Prematho arrived and left them in shock. Key scenes from Thani Oruvan were lifted by Sukumar and therefore Surender should come up with different treatment.

Even that has been worked and Charan approved the changes said sources. However he has changed his stance again as he didn’t get positive feedback from who have heard about the changes made.

Now Charan is asking Surender and team not to deviate totally from the original but to come up with something exceptional, sources said. Meanwhile fans are pretty unhappy about the planning of Ram Charan who is taking long breaks between films.



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