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Ram Charan Cleverly Avoided Harish Shankar

Ram Charan Cleverly Avoided Harish Shankar

Ram Charan is taking wise decisions regarding his career these days. He rather wants to act in films that have strong content, than signing movies based on director's name. This is indeed paying him well.

After scoring a hit with content-rich "Dhruva", the heir apparent of megastar's legacy is now busy filming for Sukumar's "Rangasthalam", which again has an offbeat storyline.

One latest example of his mature decision is to avoid Harish Shankar. Before the release of "DJ Duvvada Jagannadham", producer Dil Raju tried to announce Ram Charan's movie in the direction of Harish Shankar.

But Charan took a clever decision to wait and watch and told Dil Raju politely to give some more time to think about it, the source tells us.

Charan doesn't have positive opinion about Harish Shankar's directorial skills, the team member adds. So, Charan deferred the decision.

In the meantime, "DJ" was released and received only negative reviews. Now Dil Raju is said to have decided to propose another director's name to Charan instead of Harish.

Buzz is that one upcoming director who has agreement with Dil Raju may narrate story to Charan.

Megastar's son also recently turned down Merlapaka Gandhi's proposal. Charan wants to do movies that feel different with inherent commercial elements. 



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