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Rakul Preet: Wasted Effort

Remember the pre-release function of Spyder? Well, the film's director Murugadoss forgot to mention Rakul Preet during his speech though he spoke about the team and cast. In the same function, Mahesh too forgot to mention Rakul while thanking all.

Of course, towards the end of the function, they took the mike and thanked Rakul. But after watching Spyder, one realizes why Murugadoss and Mahesh forgot to mention Rakul.

Even in the film, her character barely has any importance. The film is a thriller and Rakul's character does nothing more than appear in songs to provide glamour relief.

And every time her character appears in the film, the film loses pace. Also, one cannot help wondering if it is the same girl who sparkled as Brahmaramba in Rarandoy Veduka Chuddam. Probably she did the film to fulfill her dream of working with Murugadoss and Mahesh.

Whatever could be her reasons, Rakul surely had a use and throw kind of character in the film.



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