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Rajasekhar Gets Profits from Ancillary Rights

Garuda Veda was well-appreciated by all and won accolades from critics and celebrities, but it failed to make big monies at the box office.

Even as it continues to win praise from big stars, it is making money in theatres only in some pockets. So, Rajasekhar is yet to make money.

But the latest news is that Rajasekhar and his production partner are finally set to make profits. Earlier there were no takers for the price he had quoted.

But the latest buzz is that an entertainment channel has finally come forward to buy the movie for a good price. In fact, they agreed to the price quoted by Rajasekhar and his team.

With this deal, Rajasekhar will recover most of the investment that he has put in, coupled with theatrical revenues. The digital telecast rights are also being sold for a big price. Thanks to this ancillary revenues (non-theatrical money), Rajasekhar will be making profits.

Garuda Vega has not only brought him into limelight, it has also made him see money on investment after a long gap.



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