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Rajamouli's Paycheck For Baahubali 1 & 2

You must be wondering how much did Rajamouli, the captain of Baahubali made on both the movies as a director.

The master filmmaker invested five years of his time and energy to make this epic movie. So, how much will he take home as salary for making the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema?

As per industry insiders, Rajamouli gets one third share in profits made in both the films. In addition to that, the producers also have taken care of his personal expenses for all these five years.

Although they have spent a whopping Rs. 450 crores on making and other expenses for Baahubali films, producers made huge profits.

Rajamouli would be taking one third of the profits earned as per agreement. For starters, Baahubali second part itself was sold for Rs. 438 crore including satellite and other rights of all four languages.

Therefore, everything that was earned on the first part and the share in profits made by distributors on second part will go into producers pockets.



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