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Rajamouli's Next: No VFX, Only Emotion

Rajamouli who is back from all his foreign tours has already begun finalising the final script for his next movie with his father and successful writer Vijayendra Prasad.

His father has played key role in his success. Except "Eega" and "Maryada Ramanna", his father wrote all Rajamouli's blockbusters. Now his father is fast finishing the script for Rajamouli's next movie.

After the massive success of "Baahubali 2", everyone is curious to find out the director's next film.

From Bollywood to Tollywood, every big actor is ready to work with him. But Rajamouli has already declared that he will not be making another "Baahubali" like visual extravaganza this time.

He spoke about his next in more lucid way now.

"My next film will not have heavy graphics. This time I have told my father to write a story with full emotions. My forte has always been making movies with rich emotional content. So, this time you won't see any visual effects orientation," he said.

He also clearly informed that hero's name would be decided once his father completes writing.



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