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Rajamouli's Deadline For Top Directors

It has already been reported that Ram Charan will be doing a film with Boyapati Sreenu soon. Similarly, NTR has signed a film with Trivikram.

Both films will be commercial and both will create enough hype among fans. Also, both Ram Charan and NTR will be doing Rajamouli's next.

Naturally, when it's a Rajamouli film, it will be made on a huge scale or so one expects. Goes without saying, the fans of both stars and Rajamouli will have a field day getting to see them all together. But there is a little hitch here.

Talk from Film Nagar is that Rajamouli has requested both NTR and Ram Charan to wrap up their films by August.

Well, many feel, more than a request it is a order of sorts to both heroes from Rajamouli. Once he completes pre-production work in August, he will begin the shoot in September, say those close to the director. This means that by July, both Boyapati and Trivikram will have to wrap up their films.

Boyapati's film will begin towards the end of this month and Trivikram is planning to launch his film in the third week of March. So, in all, Boyapati will have five months and Trivikram four months to complete the film.



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